WIN_20160402_140438 (2)I am currently doing a PhD project at the Psychological Methods department of the University of Amsterdam. The following provides a brief description of this project:

Psychological constructs are traditionally viewed from a latent variable perspective, in which a latent construct is measured by a set of observed variables by which we assume that the construct being measured causes the shared variance between these observed variables. In contrast, in a network perspective the correlations between observed variables are understood as direct causal relations between these observed variables, which results in a causal network. From this perspective, the construct of interest is typically a cluster of closely related nodes in the network. Clearly, these two perspectives propose radically different views on how to understand psychological constructs, and the relations between the variables we observe. In my PhD project I develop methods to distinguish network models and latent variable models both empirically and theoretically.

Supervisors: dr. Mijke Rhemtulla and prof. dr. Denny Borsboom.

Here you can find my CV.